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Ben Marshall
- Hip Hop

Ben Marshall began training at the Chicago High School for the Arts. There, he was introduced to the Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dance forms, which lead him to train at various dance studios around the city of Chicago. The Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center - home of Homer Bryant and the Hiplet Ballerinas,  Deeply Rooted with Iega Jeff and Gary Abbott, at the Lou Conte Dance Studio, and with Lizzie Mckenzie of Extensions Dance. 


Later, he started and lead a small dance group made up of him and his peers, performing original works for John Schmitz’s Dance Chicago showcase series, as well as producing his own shows.


After graduating from ChiArts, he attended the University of Michigan. There, he worked with Camille A. Brown, Batsheva, Hubbard Street, Gallim, Sandra Torijano, Ron De Jesus, and more. In 2018, he graduated from UofM, and joined the Hiplet Ballerinas in August of 2022.


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