Hiplet Ballerinas

Due to the COVID-19 crisis,  all of the The Hiplet Ballerinas tour dates from March through August have been postponed. 

We could really use your help to make sure we can keep the company afloat during this hiatus.  Donations can be made specifically for this purpose via PayPal .  All donations are fully tax deductible.   The Hiplet Ballerinas are a part of the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.



The Hiplet Ballerinas are a performance group based out of the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center in the USA.

Specifically designed to make Ballet accessible by all, Hiplet™ is a fusion between classical pointe technique, Hip-Hop, and a variety of other urban dance styles. Hiplet™ has blossomed immensely since it's creation by Artistic Director Homer Hans Bryant in the early 90s.


After going viral on Homer Bryant's Instagram in 2016, Hiplet™ has received recognition worldwide, with appearances in Germany, France, Spain, South Korea and Hong Kong.



c/o Chicago Multicultural Dance Center

47 West Polk Street Suite 100-105

Chicago, IL 60605


To book the Hiplet Ballerinas for your event,

please contact ECE Touring:


For more information on training to become a Hiplet Ballerina, visit the website of Chicago Multicultural Dance Center




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